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    Posted hours: 2:46 PM - Date posted: 04/05/2016

    Date 04/20/2016, FUJITHANGLONG officially joined and became a member of HaNoi Supporting Industries Business Association (HANSIBA). This event marks a new step in the process of the FUJITHANGLONG’s formation and development.

    Along with HANSIBA, FUJITHANGLONG will strive to work together with the aim of linking the development of investment, production and business activities between Vietnam and Japan in particular; building and developing supporting industries in Hanoi – Vietnam and bring practical value in all activities of production and business investment as well as contributing to the task of industrialization – modernization , creating flourishing capital city and country during the international economic integration of Vietnam.

    FUJITHANGLONG are proud of being an important bridge contributing to shorten the trade gap between Vietnam and Japan during the period of innovation and create the platform for success in business, ensuring the interest of its members in HANSIBA.

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